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The 8th Annual Raffle

We are pleased to announce the Wharton Global Alumni Forum Raffle in Bogotá on May 21–22, 2009.


A raffle is a game of chance, in which contestants purchase tickets that give them the opportunity to win exciting prizes.  Winners are determined when their raffle ticket is drawn.  For a chance to win, contestants need only purchase a raffle ticket and be present at the Raffle Drawing when the prize-winning tickets will be selected. 

As of Thursday, May 21, all Forum participants will have the opportunity to purchase as many tickets as desired at a cost of 10 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) each. The more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances of winning a prize. You may purchase tickets at any time during the Forum. At dinner on Friday, May 22, winners will be drawn and announced.

In keeping with the tradition of the Forum Raffle, the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be donated to a charity chosen by the members of the Organizing Committee. This year, the charity chosen will be “Fundacion Corazon Verde (Green Heart Foundation)” — a foundation supporting widows and orphans of the Colombian National Police who died in service. To learn more about this worthy organization, click here.

Raffle Prizes

Raffle prizes are donated by the School and by Wharton alumni and friends. The list will grow over the coming months.  At present, prizes include:

    • Free tuition at a one-week Wharton Executive Education Program in Philadelphia or San Francisco
    • 10 books published by Wharton School Publishing (delivery included)
    • Forum registration for two to any one of the 2010 Global Alumni Forums – donated by Wharton Global Alumni Forums