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The 8th Annual Raffle

We are pleased to announce the Wharton Global Alumni Forum Raffle in Bogotá on May 21–22, 2009.



Fundacion Corazon VerdeFundacion Corazon Verde or Green Heart Foundation’s mission is to promote national and international solidarity to meet the basic needs of families of the Colombian police.

The Foundation was created in 1998 by a group of businessmen to promote solidarity with Colombian civil society for widows and orphans of members of the National Police, who died in service. Is a private nonprofit that supports families of police officers in resolving their basic needs such as education, housing, employment, and also provides psychological support to overcome the grief caused by the death of their loved ones.

While in other countries the police may exercise their profession in the midst of respect and solidarity of the community in Colombia die in service more than 500 police officers per year, victims of violence that plagues our country. Each passing year increases the number of orphans and widows of policemen who die doing their duty. The dimension of the tragedy over recent years is huge.