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Natalia Toledo

Natalia Toledo

Ashoka Andean Region


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Natalia Toledo was appointed Director for Ashoka Andean Region in 2008 and prior to this she was Program Coordinator for Ashoka Andean Region. She joined Ashoka in 2003 and has been responsible for several programs, which include Venture and the Ashoka-McKinsey Business Plan Contest for Citizen Sector Organizations.

Before joining Ashoka, she served in the public sector as Special Assistant for the Environmental Commission of the Peruvian Congress. Prior to that, she worked in an environmental finance consultancy firm focused on promoting and developing businesses with economic, environmental and social return.

An economist from the Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Natalia has been involved in social initiatives since her youth, such as AIESEC and the World Bank’s youth advisory group (now replicated in 20 countries) where she was a founding member.