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Clara Serra-Akerman

Clara Serra-Akerman

WWB Colombia


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She has a Law degree from San Buenaventura University in Cali, with a major in business law. Bachelor’s degree in Modern Language Translation (Spanish-English-French) from Valle University in Cali. Continuing education in financial management at Javeriana University and Universidad del Valle in Cali and Harvard University in Cambridge.

Partner of Inverco Ltda., a design and construction firm where she worked for ten years as a legal, management and commercial advisor. 

Founding member of Foundation WWB Colombia in Cali (1982), one of the most successful micro credit institutions in Latin America, and its president since 1992.

Co-founder and former president of the Colombian Association of Women’s World Banking Affiliates, a position she occupied for five years.

She is a Member of the WWB Network Board of Directors since 2000.

She has 28 years of experience in Microfinance and has been a consultant to micro credit organizations in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and has participated in workshops and international conferences on microfinance in Asia, Africa and Latin America, North America and Europe. She has worked closely with the Colombian Government and Women’s World Banking Network on Policy Change for microfinance in Colombia.  

She is of the book “The Miracle of a Working Class Economy. Microfinance, a development vehicle”. Printed by Feriva S.A., 2004.