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Alvaro JaramilloAlvaro Jaramillo Buitrago

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
IQ Outsourcing


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Alvaro Jaramillo founded iQ Outsourcing in 1997, a specialized company providing leading edge technology for high volume operations processing to financial service companies. He has been a chairman and its CEO since then.

He was the President of Banco de Colombia during 1994-1996, where he led the cultural change, the administrative modernization and the financial restructuring, once the institution was again privatized.

As president of Avianca, he led the negotiation and refinancing process of its debt, the fleet upgrade and the company’s adaptation to better compete on an open sky market.

From 1983 to 1991 he acted as the president of Invercredito, a financing company leader on consumer credit, where he executed several mergers and acquisitions.

Alvaro started his professional career at the Philadelphia National Bank in 1974 where he held several positions, finishing with leading the north zone of Latin America.