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Neil A. Doherty

Neil A. Doherty

Frederick H. Ecker Professor of Insurance and Risk Management


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Insurance pricing; optimal insurance; financial intermediaries; asset/liability management for insurers; insurance economics; risk management.

Recent Consulting
Amerco, Dow Chemical, Sears Roebuck, British Petroleum, Merck, GTE, CIGNA, U.P.S.

Current Projects
Studies include: Insurance and the design of liability rules; Crises and cycles in insurance markets; Adverse selection in insurance markets; Securitization of catastrophe risk.

Academic Positions Held
Wharton: 1986-present (Chairperson, Insurance and Risk Management, 2003-2008; named Frederick H. Ecker Professor, 2003; Ronald A. Rosenfeld Professor, 1996-2003). Previous appointments: University of Alberta; University of Illinois.

Other Positions
Economic Adviser, U.K. Government Economic Service, 1975-76

Career and Recent Professional Awards; Teaching Awards
Undergraduate Excellence in Teaching Award, 1997; Miller-Sherrerd MBA Core Teaching Award, 1998, 2001

Professional Leadership 2005-2009
Editor, Geneva Papers on Risk Insurance Theory

Representative Publications
(with J. Garven)
"Insurance Cycles: Interest Rates and the Capacity Constraint Model." Journal of Business 68.3 (July 1995).

(with G. Dionne)
"Adverse Selection, Commitment and Renegotiation: Extension to and Evidence From Insurance Markets." Journal of Political Economy 102 (1994).

(with P.Thistle)
"Adverse Selection with Endogenous Information in Insurance Markets." Journal of Public Economics 63 (1996).